Hello blog!

Ups! I did it… I opened my first personal blog. That’s quite a big challenge, great! As I see the thing right now the blog is going to have three different sections and developments:

1- Kind-of-a-diary-thing: trying to put into words things I see in my daily live and there are already in the air, somehow.

2- Watch and Listen: the place to find some pictures and soundtrack to the air.

3- Projects: trying to share a glimpse of the projects I have been involved, I’m involved in the moment or I’ll be involved in the future.

Enjoy, cocreate & share as you wish. Doors are opened. I’ll be writing in Spanish, English and Basque: ikaragarri gustatzen zait the way you talk to me cariño!

We’ll see what emerges out of this, but the thing is getting interesting.

Iñigo Blanco