Final countdown to San Francisco

The year is moving fast, very fast. During the last three months I’ve been working in and visiting Helsinki, Jyväskylä, Madrid, Barcelona, Madrid, Bilbao, San Sebastián… Quite something, the point is that the adventure has just started. Next stop: San Francisco, California.

During the last few months I’ve met incredible individuals (Josian from Tabakalera, Kenny from Ashoka Spain), teams (Hub Madrid hosting team, Mondragon Team Academy, Ashoka Jóvenes Changemakers) and spaces (MediaLab Prado, Hangar)  but I must admit that I’m really excited about this Learning Journey to San Francisco.

Here you have some more info about the Learning Jouney I’m about to star along with the Mondragon Team Academy crew from the Mondragon University, the LEINN (Leardership and Innovative entrepreneurship Degree students) students and my mates from the MINN (International Executive Master on Intrapreneurship and Open Innovation).

Now you might be wondering what MINN is:

MINN is a lively, constantly evolving executive learning journey at the service of creative processes, participatory and open environments.

It was set up to research and experience the interaction between the individual, company and community on a contemporary business context.

The value of MINN lies on a unique team for experimentation and promoting new cross-disciplinary formulae.

We like talk about and work on these topics: Open Innovation, Fun, Team Leadership, Entrepreneurship, Service Design, Intermediation, Mental Models, Hybridising, Co-creation, Learning Journeys, Self-management, Knowledge creating environments, Social Innovation, Loving the customer, Dialogue, Intersection and Design Thinking.

Are you interested in meeting us and cocreating with us?

Are you running an innovative business in San Francisco area?

Do you have any contacts there?

Do you have a challenge for us in California?

I’ll be arounf from the 4th to the 26th of April. So leave a comment please :-)