Respect for Kukutza III squatted Basque social center.

Kukutza III Gaztetxea is a squatted Social Centre in the Basque city of Bilbao. The massive building has been occupied for the last 13 years giving space for numerous long term projects and activities to flourish. It has a massive local support within the neighborhood. But the Social Centre is now in an imminent threat of eviction and demolition, and that’s why we have been preparing a series of activities to defend it from the speculators. As part of this we call for international support and solidarity in our struggle to defend the Social Centre. [extract from Indymedia UK]

If the politics don’t change their mind I think they will send a clear message of no solidarity and no-undesrtanding of social issues and the people will answer adopting no solidarity manners same way. I strongly think politics should work their empathy and rethink their positioning in this case. Time now for collaborative and team-based actions.

Of course I now the political background of Kukutza III and the squatted situation is in but on the other side is a five start example of a bottom up and grassroot center, independent community, cultural and social network, great programming… and incredible people fighting day after day for their dreams. Some of my good friends have been really involved and I have the chance to live and enjoy the place several times and I must say I can’t imagine Rekalde and Bilbao without such a powerful and special place.

Here you have the incredibly creativite and lively lipdub videa they have prepared to raise awareness about the situation:

All my  humble support, solidarity and respect for the Kukutza III crew. Please follow Kukutza III on Facebook for more info.

Taupada baikotzaz koloreztatu txuribeltza, taupada bakoitzaz irribarre bat!!!!