Zhong Yong projects

Learning Journey to Asia:

I’m back home after a two weeks learning journey in Asia with my colleagues of the International Executive Master on Intrapreneurship and Open Innovation (#MINNteam). Programme I’m attending this year organized by the Mondragon Team Academy Unit of Mondragon University.

It’s been a live changing experience, visiting China (Shanghai and Hong Kong), Thailand (Bangkok) and India (Kolkata and Mumbai) for two week experimenting to the full the reality and contrast of this amazing countries. As my good friend Iñaki Eguitegui said ” a two weeks learning experience in which we have seen best best and the worst of human kind”.

Starting from visits and interactions with big companies as Unilever, Johnson & Johnson, Fagor… to two days voluntary work at Mother Teresas Mission in Kolkata and visits to Mumbai’s slums. From some of the Asian innovation hubs to the misery and chaos of our societies. From Design Thinking dialogues at the Aalto-Tonji Design Factory in Shanghai to meditation and self cultivation workshops at the Taihu Great Learning Center with a Zen master.

Let me stop for a while in something that impacted me a lot during my stay at the Taihu Great Learning Center in Suzhou with Peter Senge and Master Nan about the harmony and the balance of the acts we do, and how it can be implemented in our day by day projects.

The Master [Confucius] said, The virtue embodied in the doctrine of the Mean is of the highest order. But it has long been rare among people — Doctrine of the Mean, 6:26 (Burton Watson tr.)

Looking for an harmonious impact, Zhong Yong Projects:

All the changemakers and innovators we are trying to create positive impact in our organizations and society throughtout our projects and behaviors. But how can we shift our learning and working environments to create positive impact and self-sustaining projects? Let’s try to design a Zhong Yong Project.

New mindset and framework to acomplish harmonious impact in your project. Inspired by the MINNteam workshop at the Aalto-Tonji Design Factory in Shanghai. (Click picture for larger size)

BEFORE:  Most of us, or at least I do, perceive our lives and projects as an unbalanced roller-coaster, going up and down at the speed of light. In adition from our westerm perspective we all the time tend to present everything in a linear way and independent to the rest of the picture.

SHIFT: The state of mind shift we need to acomplis should be under this expanded framework based on Peter Senge’s The Fifth Discipline masterpiece: Personal mastery, Mental models, Shared vision, Team Learning and systemic thinking embracing them all.

Setting priorities and knowing what is important is essential in one’s quest for moral refinement, for it allows one to focus on that which is of the greatest importance and that which is in line with each one and our systems. That’s why personal mastery and self cultivation is so important in this process. Mastering team work and empathy are other of the key points in this shift.

ZHONG YONG: Under the shifting framework explained before we should be facilitating circular, interdependent, balanced and harmonious environments for our self-sustaining and self-learning projects.

Our relationships, networks, processes and projects are an intricate and interrelated system where one must strive for balance. No one aspect of learning is isolated from the other and failure to cultivate a single aspect of one’s learning will lead to the failure of learning as a whole. This is one of the principal Teachings of the Great Learning book of Confucianism.

– How do you see this west-east mindset mix framework?

– How might you implement it?

– Which aspects and disciplines should be added?

– Do you know any project following this Zhong Yong patterns?

Now is time to implement this west-east mindset mix for project management. In my case I’ll use it for the H-Enea Living Lab project I’m happily part of, a project between Fagor Electrodomésticos, MIK research center and Mondragon Team Academy Unit. Let’s rock, more insights of my trip to Asia coming soon!

Achieving a state of balance and refining one’s moral self such that it is a reflection of the Way. Ample rest and reflection such that one achieves peace of mind. When one is calm and reflected, the Way will be revealed to them. – Tao

Iñigo Blanco – WhiteKaos