Bye bye imposed aesthetics

Time now to assume reality: things are not black or white, your mom will never change, and the earth is not rounded anymore. I must say that I’m a bit tired of this search of perfection, Truth and simetry. We are thought all the time that this is a sphere, that the other thing is squared, that you need to choose one thing or the other. Stop, say hello to singularity.

Real shape of the Earth – Picture by ESA (European Space Agency) by satellite GOCE. More info here: ESA 

This image is much more than geodesy or a great implementation of gravitational rules, it is a great learning for all of us, and image that must remind us that everything is not rounded or perfect (as said before). Let’s go further with this metaphor of the Earth shape:

As Vladimir Dimitrov says: Complexity and Chaos explore the world as it appears to us: complex and chaotic – a wondrous manifestation of self-propelling creativity inherent in the wholeness of existence. The way creativity ‘speaks’ is through spontaneity of the emergence. And it is the emergence that is at the focus of complexity thinking, together with what makes this emergence happen: the intricate interplay of dynamics – forces and energies, which constantly stretch or fold, evolve or involve, self-organize into dynamic structures or dissolve into chaos impregnated with creativity. Complexity thinking nourishes and masters creativity, never trying to lock it into systems, subsystems and parts. And this is the greatest advantage of complexity thinking. 

In here I’m not saying we need to embrace complexity, what I’m saying is that we need to be ready to understand complex phenomenas and assume that we are surrounded by unique and singular realities and changing dynamics. Is up to us now how we create value from the intersection of chaos and orden.

Time now to asume reality. Bye Bye imposed aesthetics, hello to the singularity and systems thinking.

Iñigo Blanco – Whitekaos