My presentation at Shanghai Social Playground

For the last two months I had the huge honor to co-lead the Learning Journey of 44 young-entrepreneurs from the Mondragon Team Academy community in Shanghai. In addition I have the pleasure to share some of the thoughts that I have been working on on WhiteKaos for the last months for a mainly Chinese audience at the Shanghai Social Playground. Social Playground is a non-profit movement that through open innovation and networking, is dedicated to promoting social entrepreneurship and innovation by creating their own maps and ecosystems in cities worldwide. This time I talked about the importance of the networked team-entrepreneurship for social change and many other things.

Find here the materials I used as support for my 15 mins intervention:

During my speech I shared my vision that “Social capital and changemaker ecosystems are built through healthy networks of team- entrepreneurs”.

Time now to continue the dialogue and the hard work to make the Mondragon Team Academy China and the HUB Shanghai dreams… real!

Comments welcomed! Of course!