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Novelist Isabel Allende writes stories of passion. 

8 hours with Four Tet:

Four Tet – 8 hour set on Rinse FM (06/10/13) by Aliasizm on Mixcloud

To Understand Is To Perceive Patterns:

‘For decades, we assumed that the components of such complex systems as the cell, the society, or the Internet are randomly wired together. In the past decade, an avalanche of research has shown that many real networks, independent of their age, function, and scope, converge to similar architectures, a universality that allowed researchers from different disciplines to embrace network theory as a common paradigm.’
Albert-László Barabási, author of LINKED.

“Coral reefs are sometimes called “the cities of the sea”, and part of the argument is that we need to take the metaphor seriously: the reef ecosystem is so innovative because it shares some defining characteristics with actual cities. These patterns of innovation and creativity are fractal: they reappear in recognizable form as you zoom in and out, from molecule to neuron to pixel to sidewalk. Whether you’re looking at original innovations of carbon-based life, or the explosion of news tools on the web, the same shapes keep turning up… when life gets creative, it has a tendency to gravitate toward certain recurring patterns, whether those patterns are self-organizing, or whether they are deliberately crafted by human agents”
Steven Johnson, author of Where Good Ideas Come From.


The collapse of complex societies of the past can inform the present on the risks of collapse. Dr. Joseph Tainter, author of the book The Collapse of Complex societies, and featured in Leonardo Dicaprio’s film The Eleventh Hour, details the factors that led to the collapse of past civilizations including the Roman Empire.

Video recorded at 2010 International Conference on Sustainability: Energy, Economy, and Environment organized by Local Future nonprofit and directed by Aaron Wissner


Birdboy: Amazing short film directed by Pedro Rivero and Alberto Vázquez based upon the graphic novel PSICONAUTAS by Alberto Vázquez. Enjoy!



Video interview with Peter Senge (director of the Center for Organizational Learning at the MIT Sloan School of Management) about Learning Journeys. Recorded at the Great Taihu Learning Centre, China, the visit to this revolutionary school happened during the Learning Journey to China and India that MINNteam (entrepreneurial team I’m honored to be part of) took from October 9th till October 21st, 2011. MINN is the International Executive Master’s Degree in Intrapreneurship, Open Innovation and Team Leadership run by the School of Management of Mondragon University. This journey was developed in collaboration with NoaNeaN.

Peter Senge talking about Learning Journeys and Team Academy from NoaNeaN on Vimeo.


Appshaker launched a unique way for people to interact with the amazing world of National Geographic Channel’s content from around the globe.

Using the principles of augmented reality, people could immerse themselves in different scenes such as dolphins, leopards, the space landings, dinosaurs and more.


Alucinando con Neil Harbisson mitad hombre-mitad cyborg sonocromático :


The Revolution will not be televised.

but hopefully it will be blogged or twittered ;-)


Dancing weekend! Some action and violent movements for the blog: Deadmau5 – Ghosts’n’Stuff.

Enjoy…and dance!


Thanks all for maintaining the blog alive and full of activity. Iran from Coincidencias shared this project in response to my `Hay ciudades…´ post. Enjoy.

“Art is a powerful medium through which you can make bold statements, expose people often ignored and change perceptions, attitudes and stereotypes about the world we live in! It is a harmless weapon, which possesses the strongest power from all weapons combined.” More info.


Magic happens, sometimes… Sigur Rós – Sæglópur

Á lífi
Kominn heim
á lífi
Kominn heim
það kemur safari


My room’s soundtrack these last days: UNKLE – Burn my shadows

I have burned my tomorrows
And I stand inside today
At the edge of the future
And my dreams all fade away
And burn my shadow away…


I’ve just come back from Arteleku in San Sebastián I found this great animation video: Love and Theft by Andreas Hykade

“And I’m still carrying the gift you gave,
It’s a part of me now, it’s been cherished and saved,
It’ll be with me unto the grave
And then unto eternity.”
(Bob Dylan)